B-57 Canberra Airborne Photo Gallery

B-57 Airborne Photo Gallery
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1967/68 8th TBS, Phan Rang Vietnam, [Lost after being hit by ground fire]
photo by Joe Schwarzer
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WB-57F taken by an RCAF pilot flying a T-33 at about 30 thousand feet over Ottowa. We were working with Canadian scientists testing the atmosphere to see if there was circulation between the stratosphere and the troposphere. (Yes, at the jet stream). This was the only 4 engine jet airplane in the world with a single pilot station. There were no dual control trainers for the B57F. The instructor pilot could only talk (or yell) at you while he sat in the back. This airplane (293) is still alive at Robins AFB (Phil Dunn - 1969)

A rare photo taken at ABQ the day we arrived home from nuclear testing. Eight B-57Ds in formation. I was in the back seat of the last aircraft when the picture was taken. Ken Schanke, Tuscon AZ

Just after liftoff, Tom Hildreth snapped this
photo of B-57C 3831 on 18 May 1975.  The aircraft had been partially
painted as a gloss-back bird. The photo is unique in its depiction
of the landing gear doors just ready to close.

RB-57F "Finflight 1"(photo-Tom Barrett, Jr. pilot RB57 e-mail)

Composite photo over Mt. Fuji (courtesy Jack Stoob)

EB-57A over the coast of California (photo © John Fry postcards

B-57F - Taken by an Argentine at Mendoza when 292 took off for Panama (1968?)

B-57C - Converted to WB-57C, 8/1958: Converted to a towed target tug
10/1958: Scrapped at Eglin AFB, FL


RB-57A USAF 363rd TRW

12/1962: Transferred to the Pakistani AF but still owned by the USAF
24 Squadron, at Peshawar AB, 1963: Returned to USAF control
Originally B-57B,USAF 3510th CCTW, USAF 461st TBG
3/1964: Rebuilt as RB-57F 63-13298, Converted to WB-57F
USAF 58th WRS, 1970s: Bailed to NASA as “928“ then “N928NA“

B-57B - Kentucky ANG 165th TRS, USAF 8th BS
Converted to EB-57B, USAF 13th BS
8/1972: Converted to EB-57B, 1972: Kansas ANG 117th DSES

B-57B - USAF 3510th CCTW, USAF 345th TBG
1968: USAF 4713th DSES, 1977-78: Kansas ANG 117th DSES
1978: Vermont ANG 134th DSES

B-57B - Converted to EB-57B - Vermont ANG 134th DSES

B-57B - Used for tests of hydrogen-powered engines under the name "Project Bee"
Returned to stock configuration
Bailed to NASA DFRC as “809” and registered as “N637NA” and then “N516NA“
Currently on display at Edwards AFB, CA.

B-57B - USAF 345th TBG, 1964: Kentucky ANG 165th TRS
USAF 13th BS, 1969: USAF 8th BS,11/1969: Put into storage AMARC bone yard
9/1972: Converted to EB-57B at Birmingham, 1973: USAF 4713th DSES
1975-77: Kansas ANG 117th DSES, 1978: Vermont ANG 134th DSES
12/1981: Put into storage at NASM at Dulles APT, DC

B-57C - 1962-65: Nevada ANG 192nd TRS, 1968: USAF 4677th DSES
1974: Vermont ANG 134th DSES, Converted to RB-57C
12/1981: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard, 6/1995: Salvaged

B-57B - USAF 822nd BS (38th BW), 1966: USAF 8th BS
5/1969: Converted to B-57G, 1970: USAF 4424th CCTS
1970: USAF 13th TBS (8th TFW), 1972: Kansas ANG 117th TBS
2/1974: Put into storage at the AMARC bone yard
3/1977: Scrapped by Sun Valley Aviation of Phoenix, AZ


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